They call me “The 10-Minute Expert” because I believe you can become an expert at anything 10-Minutes at a time.

When I teach, I like to present the topic and short and easy to follow videos.

My Experience:

I graduated from Texas Tech University in 1992 with a Degree in Computer Science. I have spent the majority of my career as a consultant coming in a diagnosing issue with website and web bases applications. I would find the source of the issue, fix it and move on.

It was a rewarding and changing job but I wanted more. I wanted to work for myself.

The Great Experiment:

I decided to take my experience and start creating my own websites. I turned to affiliate marketing in 1995. I created over 200 of my own website in different niches, I experimented with Google Adsense and did quiet well. I created sites around Amazon Affiliate Products and was amazed how well it worked.

Through Trial and Error i discovered secrets to getting top ranking on Google and my sites dominated the keywords, But Google is fickle and algorithms change.

I turned to Social Media as new traffic source ad saw the true potential. My Twitter account has over 11,000 followers. In fact, I am the 7th most followed person on twitter in the St Louis, MO area. What makes social media different then search engines is that there is a human filter. If you want traffic from social media, you have to create content that people love and want to share with friends an family.

My Secret Wish:

In Frank Kern’s Master Control Course, he posed an important question. Frank asked, :”If you have all the money you needed, what would you do?” Basically, if you didn’t have to go to work to pay your bills what would you do with your life. I thought long and hard about the question and my answer was teach.

I have a lifetime of experience as both a consultant and internet marketer, My Wish is to pass on this experience to you and I believe UDEMY is the perfect platform to make this wish reality.

Looking forward to teaching you,


John Hocking